Help For Tennis Elbow Pain With Physiotherapy in Preston

Elbow pain is most commonly felt on the outside part of the elbow, but may also be felt down the forearm and even into the hands. There are many different types and causes of elbow pain. The most common type of elbow pain treated by Physiotherapy at Preston is Tennis Elbow.

As a first point relief, people will most often reach for medication. Such examples include: paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin. Your doctor may even prescribe you something stronger if appropriate. However, if and when the pain does not resolve overtime, people will begin to try different methods of treatment. Physical Healthcare at Preston is able to help through different treatment modalities.

What is tennis elbow and how do you treat it?

Tennis elbow is inflammation or pain on the outside part of the forearm. There are usually some tender spots in the muscle and the tendon. Movements of the elbow and the hand may result in pain. There are many causes of tennis elbow and Physical Healthcare at Preston, through systematic assessment, is able to pinpoint the problem and effectively treat it!

The most common cause is overuse of the hand/forearm and activities that involve heavy gripping, such as playing tennis or badminton. Tennis elbow may even occur when constantly working with heavy machineries. However, the problem is not that simple. Most of the times, there are usually problems in regards to the technique of the action; for example, hitting the ball with the wrong method. When you use the wrong technique, you are applying increased tension to the muscles in your forearm. With the right technique however, you reduce the tension!

At Physical Healthcare at Preston, your physiotherapist will provide effective and proven treatment technique. Not only that, but they can also provide postural and ergonomic advice to reduce unnecessary tension in your forearm. All of these combine to make sure you’re back at work or out in the court!

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